Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia, which was colonized by Britain, has become an interest all over the world. Its rate of growth among so many factors has influenced its fame around the globe. The capital city of this great country is Canberra. Moreover, this country has some interesting facts.

Interesting facts about Australia

1. Low unemployment rate

Unlike so many countries in the world, Australia boasts of a minimal employment rate. It is approximated that 97 % of Australia’s population is actually employed. This does not discriminate foreigners. In Australia, as long as you are bright, a citizen or international student and have a good command of English, you will easily find a well-paying job. In fact, you may land yourself more than one job since employees are paid per hour.

2. So many kangaroos

Australia boasts of being the home to a high population of kangaroos. Interestingly there are more kangaroos in Australia that people. Today, the total count of kangaroos is around 50 million, which has risen by a substantial 5 million since 2016.

3. Second-highest human improvement index

Australia is said to be the 2nd best country in terms of human development index. The human development index is determined by various factors, such as welfare, lifespan, and equality. This fact can explain why Australia has been experiencing a high rate of immigration from citizens of other countries.

4. Greek population in Melbourne

Did you know that Melbourne is home to approximately 162,000 people or Greek origin? In fact, after Greece, its only in Melbourne that you will find the second largest population of the Greek ancestry.

5. Home to the world’s deadliest animals

Australia has been on the tourist map for its wealth in the world’s most dangerous creatures eg, fish, octopus, snake, etc. In fact, there are also crocodiles that are very dangerous in the Pacific ocean that surround Australia. Amazingly, from the year 2000 to 2013, most people were actually killed by horses than these deadly creatures

These are among the most interesting facts about Australia that have made tourists from all over the world want to travel to the country once in their lifetime.

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